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>Words Cannot Express…

>Some of you will start to read this and change your minds, and close your browsers.  Unlike my post a few weeks ago, I will not be telling you to do so.  This is important, and I hope you can just pay attention for a couple minutes.

Let me start by saying that 3 weeks ago I prayed for God to help me understand his plan for me, and that I would accept Jesus into my heart.  I asked him to help me know and feel that it had happend.  If you know me, then you will understand that I am very picky when it comes to expectations, and when I want something, I need to know that it has happend.  Well, I got that confirmation when we went to church that Sunday, and every day since then.  It is an overwhelming feeling of joy, that doesn’t end.  When I wake up in the morning I am happy, when I go to bed at night I am happy, and when I have to go to work, I am reluctant, but still happy.  This is an internal happiness..a feeling of peace, that I have not known until now.

This past Sunday, we went to church, and our pastor deviated from his teachings on Revelations to give a more Evangilistic sermon.  At first I was dissapointed, because I wanted to keep going, and I was excited to learn what was next.  About half-way through, I realized why he was doing this.  Easter is the one day a year when the congregations around the world swell to triple in size.  People who never go to church end up going with their families because they feel compeled to “show up” and support.  The message was aimed at those who had not come to Christ.

Towards the end of the sermon the most amazing thing happend.  Pastor Ron lead us in prayer and asked that if anyone felt compeled to come forward and accept Jesus as their savior, that they should do so.  About 20 people left their chairs, and came forward.  Then Ron said it again, “Maybe you are wondering what the person next to you will think if you came forward, but the person next to you is thinking the same thing.  You are not here to impress anyone but Christ.”  He began praying again, and another 20 or so people got up from their seats and came forward.

If you have never experienced the Spirit, it is the most awesome feeling.  It’s like a huge rush starts on one side of the church and sweeps over you, and you get this feeling of pure joy, and you can’t hold back that lump in your throat, and the tears just come.  I was truley amazed, and extremley happy to see all those people give their lives to Christ.  It was the most awesome thing I have ever witnessed.

My hope for you, if you are reading this as a cynic, is that you just stop and think for a second. 

Do you want to live every day with a wish for the next best thing?
Do you want to live every day like now is the best thing?

Honestly, if you are even thinking about it, or intrigued at all..please just take 45 more minutes of your day and listen to this sermon:

I know it does not sound appealing, but just hear me out, and pay close attention.  Your world can change, as mine has, and I can honestly, and without one doubt say that I will never go back.  I will spend every day like it is my last, and every minute thanking God, and every second trying to help those around me to feel the same.

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