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>”The Greatest Conspiracy”

>Seth can attest that I love a good conspiracy. This morning my boss came in and was talking about the conspiracy behind the World Trade Center collapse on 9/11. I wish I had a whole day to just think about all the possibilities, and who could be to blame and such. Although this is just a favorite pastime, it would probably never amount to anything, even if I did have time to work on it. One of my favorite movies is “Conspiracy Theory”. It has Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts, and I literally could watch it over and over again for 3 days.

So this got me thinking about a conspiracy of a different kind. The Bible. Not that the Bible is a conspiracy, but to many, it is just a fiction novel, that no one wants to read, about the possible truth of our existence. When I was first trying to come up with some more stuff to write on my blog, I had an immediate idea of comparing the scientific theory of creation vs. the Bible’s teachings. I spent almost a week researching, adding and subtracting, reading thru the Bible, and looking on the internet to figure it all out.

Even last night Seth and I were talking about how it wouldn’t be a good topic for the blog because it is kind of irrelevant to those who are reading this….or is it? Isn’t it true that the very first thing you read in the Bible is about creation? And if you are a scientist, brought up on theories and evolution, you immediately throw out the idea of creation, therefore throwing out any other information that you may find in the book. So, we should naturally assume that all things in the Bible are false, right down to the existence of Jesus, because there is no way that the Earth was created in 7 days!

Let me expound upon some things I found during my research. (Very scientific, I know!) Genesis chapter 1 goes thru what God did for the first 7 days. After each entry it says ‘and there was morning and there was evening, the ___ day’. I don’t know about you, but that is pretty clear. When you have morning time, and that makes its way into evening time..isn’t that one day? Yep! Another thing, after the first seven days, the Bible starts telling the lineage of Adam. It states how old he was when he had one of his sons. Then it tells how old that child was when they had one of their sons. It goes all the way from Adam to Jesus, thus giving us an exact time frame for the age of the world. Now, let me state that the ages get less and less as people become more and more un-pure through DNA. The Bible does not give you their ages after Abraham, but if you give an estimated 100 years between the births of one generation to the next (just to be safe), you come up with about 4,000 years. That makes the Earth a whopping 6, 010 years old!

Wow. Is this possible? I think so. When I was 16 my family traveled to Canada, to do some back packing and camping around Banff National Park. One night we set up camp next to a tiny creek. I would say my tent was approx. 20 feet away from the creek. When we woke up the next morning, my tent was only about 5 feet away from a rushing river! The creek had turned from a fountain into a deluge, and not only that, the earth around it had been completely changed. Where there was once almost level land, there was now a deep crevice, which looked like it had been there for centuries.

There is a whole group out there dedicated to bringing awareness to this huge oversight, and conspiracy. Here’s a caption from ‘’ on the subject:

“The key characteristic of Young Earth Creationism is the insistence on a “young” earth, on the order of 6,000 – 10,000 years old, rather than the commonly accepted age of approximately 4.5 billion years old. This figure is arrived at using complicated dating procedures based upon biblical records, much like those used by Bishop John Ussher when he dated the point of creation at 4004 BCE.”

This is pretty fascinating stuff if you ask me! How could there be such a huge gap between the two theories? Is carbon dating just another ploy by the beast down under to take our minds off of God, and into the worldly realm? We are inundated with mind-diversions every day, from the ‘slim down fast’ magazines in the checkout lane, to the ‘how to get rich quick’ scams on every other billboard.

Being a child of a scientist, myself, I cannot help but ponder and theorize that the whole existence of other religions is based around the fact that somewhere down the line, a man read the first chapter of the Bible, threw it on the ground and said, “This is a conspiracy, and I just can’t believe it!” Then, the man picked up another book, written by someone like Darwin and said, “Now this makes sense, because my small brain can’t handle what God is trying to show me.”

Just some thoughts for your Monday afternoon..enjoy!

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