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>The Fire is Raging

>Is it just me, or does it seem like there is a new revival going on around us?  Every time I open Facebook, or talk to a friend, I am finding that more and more people are going to church, and putting their faith in Jesus.  This is turning out to be an awesome time in my life.  I wanted to share this little story I heard today on a Christian radio station:

A man had been going to church for many years, and knew the Pastor quite well.  One day the man didn’t show up to church on Sunday.  The Pastor noticed, but thought maybe the man was out of town that weekend.  The next Sunday, the man again did not show up for church.  The Pastor decided to go to the man’s house to check on him.
When the Pastor arrived at the man’s house, the man let him in, knowing of the reason for his visit.  The Pastor came in, and they both sat infront of the hearth, where the man had made a nice fire for the evening.  Neither of them said a word to eachother.
The Pastor got up, took the iron for stoking the fire, and pulled one of the large coals out from the middle, and pushed it to the side.  The coal burned for a few minutes, but slowly it died down and the flame went out.
The Pastor waited for a minute, and let the man contemplate what he was watching.  Then he pushed the coal back into the fire, and immediatly the coal caught fire again.
The Pastor stood up to leave, and the man said, “Thank you for the fiery sermon.”

What an easy way to give us encouragement to be around others that are ‘on fire for the Lord’.  I have been sending links to my blog to friends that seem to need a pick me up.  Not because I want everyone to read my blog so I can be the coolest..but because maybe they will read something that will spark that flame in them.  Nothing can be more powerful to a friend than seeing someone that they have known for years to be a ‘party girl’, change into someone that has found true happiness in God.  I think it gives them hope that they may find the same.

I have always been a happy person, but I have always had trials in my life.  If you didn’t know me before I married Seth, then you have only heard short stories, or maybe none at all.  I was definitly the ‘bad influence’.  Thank God, that he sent me the most awesome soul mate to help me become who I am today, and to grow together in our walk with Jesus.

I can say that today has been a day of thankfulness, and I wish I could pour my feelings onto you, so you could feel the peace I am feeling right now.  Nothing major has happend today, nor do I anticipate anything..I just feel like great things are at work.  I truly am ready, and willing to be with God.

One thought on “>The Fire is Raging

  1. >Beautifully said. I praise the LORD for the peace He gives that is beyond our comprehension!Even as we experience unemployment, we are in complete peace, because we know the HE is our Provider and our Sustainer! Hope y'all had a great weekend. Blessings to Amy and her new husband!!


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